Judge.me vs Opinew

Send more review requests without extra costs

Judge.me Comparison - Grow With Us
Judge.me has comprehensive review capabilities in our paid plan

Opinew only allows you to import shop reviews from Amazon and eBay. With Judge.me, you can also collect shop reviews via emails, and these are verified reviews from your buyers.

You can add custom questions to your review form, and synchronize reviews across products groups and shop groups.

You will have to pay extra for these features in Opinew. Video reviews and custom review questions are only available in their Warehouse plan ($69/month) and above.

Our free plan is genuinely free, and our Awesome plan packs a punch!

At Judge.me, we are excited to help you grow! Your reviewers can include photos and videos in reviews for free. Meanwhile, you need to pay at least $11 to have photo reviews in Opinew. Both our Forever Free and Awesome ($15/month) plans offer unlimited volume of orders and review requests. Meanwhile, Opinew limits 50 review requests per month on their Side Gig plan ($11/month), 150 review requests on their Shop plan ($29/month), and the price you pay scales with the volume of review requests.

Want your reviews reach more customers? Share them on social media.

With Judge.me, you can push your reviews automatically (on the Awesome plan), or manually (on both plans) to Facebook and Twitter. We also support manual sharing to Tumblr and Pinterest. You can also create a Facebook Reviews Tab, which shows exactly the reviews on your Review Widget.

You have 24/7 access to fantastic customer support

You can always contact us via email or chat at any time. We have a dedicated team ready to help you with onboarding and set up, as well as additional customizations you may require: from widget design to setting up Google Rich Snippets for SEO.

We’ll be upfront and tell you our weak spots

Opinew allows you to import reviews from Amazon. We don't support it because Amazon holds the copyright to the reviews on their platform. Therefore, it's against Amazon's Conditions of Use if we import reviews from them.

Switching from Opinew to Judge.me is really simple

Judge.me Comparison - Install

Install Judge.me on your theme

Our support team can install all Judge.me widgets and customize them for you as well as hide the ones from Opinew based on your preferences.

Export existing reviews from Opinew

Follow our guide to download your old reviews from Opinew yourself, or contact support at Opinew to get a copy of your reviews.

Judge.me Comparison - Export Reviews
Judge.me Comparison - Import Reviews

Import reviews into Judge.me

Upload your old reviews into Judge.me yourself, or send us the file and we’ll do the migration and make sure everything looks great!

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ

Frequently asked questions

We can do basic customizations such as color, font, size, etc. Just send us a customization request with as many details as possible.Another option is to let us set up Judge.me before you uninstall Opinew. Then, we can replicate your current settings as much as possible.

You can choose the theme you’d like to install during the onboarding process, then follow this guide to add your widgets via Shopify theme editor.

The stars may disappear during the transition period, but this often happens so quickly that this often goes unnoticed. To minimize any disruption, we recommend that you let us setup Judge.me before uninstalling Opinew or any other competitor app, so there is a short period of overlap to make the transition smoother.

When you export your existing reviews from another app like Opinew, most of the time, the link to your existing review pictures is included as part of the CSV. This means that these pictures will automatically be linked to your existing reviews when you upload the CSV into Judge.me.

You can export your existing reviews and import them into Judge.me easily. To avoid duplicated reviews, you should contact Opinew's customer support to remove the codes completely from your store. Contact support@judge.me if you have more questions.

You can easily export your reviews from Opinew by following this guide, and then import them into Judge.me yourself (remember to select Opinew format). Alternatively, send us the import file and our support team will take care of it for you.

Most of the time we can automatically verify existing reviews based your shop's order history. But if this is not possible, all you have to do is show evidence that the reviewer has previously bought your product. Basically, just send us a screenshot showing that you have previously collected verified reviews on Opinew (or another app), and an excerpt of your customer list which we can use to identify a sample of reviews. We will then then verify the reviews for you.

Definitely let us know! We are very happy to make customizations and hear feedback, so just get hold of us over at support or over chat. We also offer refunds within 30 days, no questions asked.

Note: Judge.me is not associated with Opinew in this article. We have produced and processed this article in good faith, from sources believed to be reliable at the time of writing (9th of June 2021). However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information. Please use this information at your discretion and remember to check for updates directly with Opinew.