Judge.me vs Loox

Need more than photo reviews?

Grow with Judge.me! We are a fully-featured review app that goes beyond asking for pictures.
Here’s some of the key reasons why you should check us out:

Judge.me has comprehensive review capabilities in our paid plan

Your reviewers can easily include pictures and videos in reviews (just like Loox!)

In addition, you can add and customize questions to your reviews, send manual product review requests as well as synchronize reviews across products groups.

You can also syndicate reviews if you have the same products across multiple shops. This is a feature that Loox doesn’t have.

Our free plan is genuinely free, and our Awesome plan packs a punch!

At Judge.me, we are excited to help you grow! Our Forever Free and Awesome ($15/month) plan will always include all features for an unlimited volume of review requests. Loox does not have any paid plan, and even though their basic paid plan is slightly cheaper at $9/month, it limits you to 100 orders and the price you pay scales with the number of reviews per month.

Engage your buyers by going beyond reviews

You can supercharge your marketing power and improve user engagement by including a Question & Answer section to your product pages. Such user generated content also goes a long way to help you improve your search rankings.

You have 24/7 access to fantastic customer support

You can always contact us via email or chat at any time. We have a dedicated team ready to help you with onboarding and set up, as well as additional customizations you may require: from widget design to setting up Google Rich Snippets for SEO.

We’ll be upfront and tell you our weak spots

Loox allows you to add suggested products to your request emails and also has a pop-up widget (but perhaps you don’t really need this anyway ;) )

Switching from Loox to Judge.me is really simple

Install Judge.me on your theme.

Our support team can install all your Judge.me widgets and customize them for you, as well as hide the ones from Loox based on your preferences.

Export existing reviews from Loox

Follow our guide to download your old reviews from Loox yourself, or contact support at Loox to get a copy of your reviews.

Import reviews into Judge.me

Upload your old reviews into Judge.me yourself, or send us the file and we’ll do the migration and make sure everything looks great!

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ

Frequently asked questions

We can stylize your review widget and everything Judge.me related so your previous look is preserved. Just provide us as many details as possible, for example, screenshots and colors. Another option is to let us setup Judge.me before you uninstall Loox. Then, we can mimic the look by examining your current settings.

Sure! During onboarding, we will ask you to choose which theme you would like us to work on. After you install the Judge.me app, choose "Installation by Judge.me", decide which widgets you want, and lastly, tell us if you want us to add the widgets on your live theme, or pick an unpublished theme of your choice. You will get a chance to preview your pages, and add any additional customization instructions for us. Of course, you can also manually install our widgets by adding shortcode to which theme you prefer.

The stars may disappear during the transition period, but this often happens so quickly that this often goes unnoticed. To minimize any disruption, we recommend that you let us setup Judge.me before uninstalling Loox or any other competitor app, so there is a short period of overlap to make the transition smoother.

When you export your existing reviews from another app like Loox, most of the time, the link to your existing review pictures is included as part of the CSV. This means that these pictures will automatically be linked to your existing reviews when you upload the CSV into Judge.me.

We will remove code from other review apps according to your preferences. If we are working on a live theme, there might be a chance where both review apps show up for a few seconds, but this will only happen when our support team is actively working to clean up and customize your theme files.

You can easily export your reviews from Loox by following this guide, and then import them into Judge.me yourself (remember to select Loox format). Alternatively, send us the import file and our support team will take care of it for you.

Most of the time we can automatically verify existing reviews based your shop's order history. But if this is not possible, all you have to do is show evidence that the reviewer has previously bought your product. Basically, just send us a screenshot showing that you have previously collected verified reviews on Loox (or another app), and an excerpt of your customer list which we can use to identify a sample of reviews. We will then then verify the reviews for you.

Definitely let us know! We are very happy to make customizations and hear feedback, so just get hold of us over at support or over chat. We also offer refunds within 30 days, no questions asked.