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Review requests per month Unlimited Unlimited
In-email review requests
Installation done for you (Theme concierge)
SEO Rich Snippets
Picture Reviews -
Automatic Google Product Reviews feed -
Shop Level Reviews -
Day, night, and weekend support via email and chat
Email and Review reports
GDPR compliance tool
Review Requests
Request scheduling Automatic Automatic
Automatic reminders -
Request timing 0 to 60 days after fulfillment 0 to 60 days after fulfillment
Request timing after delivery - via Aftership
Request timing domestic vs international
Requests via web push via PushOwl via PushOwl
Request email template customization - 100% customizable
Manual requests to non-Shopify customers Unlimited Unlimited
Manual requests to old Shopify customers - Unlimited
Send review requests for out-of-store products
Email Sending
Remove branding 'Powered by' -
Single Review Email Template (In-email form)
Multi Review Email Template
Picture First Email Template
Full HTML Email Template
Disable Review Verification Email
Disable Reply to Review Email
Coupon Email -
Admin notification emails Reviews Reviews, Questions Widgets
Review Widget Default look Customize star color + all fields
Preview Badge Default look Customize star color + text
Review Carousel
All Reviews Page -
Floating Reviews Tab -
Facebook Reviews Tab -
Verified Reviews Count Badge
All Reviews Text
CSS customization for widgets
Review Widget Themes
Default Theme
Leex Theme -
Align Theme -
Review Widget Extensions
Verified Buyer Badge
Verified Buyer Badge customization -
Disable Web reviews
Widget Social Share -
Review Upvotes -
Reviewer Location -
Sorting reviews
Theme Concierge and Onboarding
Install Review Widget automatic automatic
Install other widgets
Manual check for SEO Rich Snippets
Import reviews from other review apps
Import reviews from other source
Remove theme code snippets of old review app
Additional support related to theme changes
Manage Reviews
Approve / unpublish reviews
Curate review pictures
Disable autopublish
Conditional autopublish -
Public reply to reviews
Private reply to reviews
Edit review content
Add review pictures -
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
All review content indexed by Google
Rich snippets for product pages (microdata, JSON-LD)
Rich snippets for All Reviews Page (microdata, JSON-LD) -
Google Shopping
Automatic Google Shopping Product Reviews feed -
Show product reviews in Google Shopping -
Product Listing Ads (PLA)/Google Shopping Ads -
Product Reviews support for Merchant Center -
Support MPN additionally to SKU in feed -
Review Groups
Share reviews across products -
Automatically share reviews across product types -
Cross-Shop Review Syndication ('Shop Sync') -
Static coupons -
Dynamic coupons -
Coupon email customization -
Coupon conditions -
Reward app integrations -
Social Media
Facebook authentication
Facebook Social Push manual manual or automatic
Adjust social push template -
Automatic posting conditions -
Automatic frequency cap -
Q&A tab (inside Review Widget) -
Question curation -
Widget text customization -
Customer email -
Direct import -
Export as CSV -
Custom Forms
Custom Form questions - Unlimited
Manage custom forms -
Question types -
Answer types -
Aftership -, Swell Rewards, Beans Rewards, LoyaltyLion -
FOMO, Recently -
Searchanise (Smart Search & Instant Search) -
Nextopia -
Help Scout
JSON-LD Snippet integrations
Bold Product Options
EasyTabs / EasyAccordion
Flits -
Performance Optimization
ImgIX dedicated review image hosting
Email-sending via Postmark
100% responsive = mobile friendly
File loading via KeyCDN
Google Speed Test consultation
First Impression CSS (' speed miracle')
Incorporate 'Lazy Load' for review pictures
Minimum font files, no additional image loading
Only using optimized scripts
Compatible with every Shopify theme
Status per line item
Status predictions
Status for sent emails.
Send now
Send again
Send anyway
Don't send
Exclude reviewer
Exclude product
Skip orders in the last days
Request Email Blacklisting
Individual email addresses
Email formats
Customers who don't want marketing
Excluded products
Unsubscribed buyers
Review Widget Customization
Widget star color -
Widget texts (full translation) -
Hide empty widgets -
Disable web reviews -
Verified buyer badge -
Reply name -
Review length -
Widget rating filter -
Preview Badge Customization
Badge star color -
Badge texts (full translation) -
Show empty badges -