Judge.me helps online stores build trust

We power reviews for stores around the world. Headquartered in London, UK, but with a global presence, we're bootstrapped, profitable, and growing fast. Our product development teams are based in London as well as Saigon, Vietnam, where we also have one of our 24/7 customer support teams. The other teams work out of Casablanca, Morocco, and Lima, Peru.

Our flagship app, Product Reviews, helps e-commerce stores collect and display product and store reviews and other user-generated content. We also have two other apps: Checkout Comments for gathering customer feedback during the checkout process, and Judge.me AliExpress Reviews, which lets stores import reviews easily from AliExpress.






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We're a diverse, international team

In our offices all over the world, we strive to provide the best review solutions for online stores and make sure their needs are met with no delay.

London, UK

Our London office and headquarters is in Old Street, host to Europe’s largest cluster of tech start-ups. This is where our leadership, product, design, marketing and operations teams are based.

Saigon, Vietnam

The office of our development team and dedicated customer support team for Asian timezones is based in Saigon, the biggest city in Vietnam and a bustling centre of culture and commerce.

Casablanca, Morocco

Our dedicated customer support team for European timezones operate from Casablanca, Morocco’s gateway and economic heart, and one of Africa’s great cultural centres.

Lima, Peru

Our support team in the capital of Peru, one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, take care of our partners based in American timezones.

Build your career at Judge.me

Judge.me is an ever-expanding team of developers, designers, thinkers and explorers from over 12 different countries. We’re always on the lookout for new team members who want a taste of fast-paced app development in an international startup environment and the chance to make an impact from their very first day.

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A look at our journey

Starting as a weekend project in 2015, Judge.me has become one of the world’s most highly rated review apps, trusted by merchants large and small around the world.

January 2015

Wrote the first line of code for Judge.me

June 2015

Launched Judge.me Product Reviews on Shopify

January 2018

Launched Judge.me AliExpress Reviews on Shopify and Product Reviews on WooCommerce.

March 2018

Launched Checkout Comments on Shopify

March 2019

Opened the main office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with 17 team members and Lima, Peru office with five team members

September 2019

Launched the Judge.me Reviews platform

We started Judge.me as an after-work and weekend project, then went full-time after 16 months. The app store takes away any marketing worries, allows us to focus on building products and delivering great support, with growth coming organically. One thing we really like is serving the same customer base for a long time. Plus, we don't cheat by raising prices or restricting our free plan.

Peter-Jan Celis

Founder of Judge.me