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Build your brand with product reviews

Right from the start, we figured out that product reviews are super important. All headphones sound good, but how do you explain whether it’s a good headphone for rock versus a good headphone for jazz? That’s when product reviews start to pay off.


I found that collecting reviews is the best way to build trust among customers and help them make more informed decisions. They can go through the reviews to see what other customers are thinking about the products and choose the most suitable ones.

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Our team loves this app—it's the best bang for the buck in reviews! If there are customization settings you'd like to make happen but aren't able to find in the settings, don't hesitate to reach out to their support team. I most recently worked with Cesar and he was able to answer all of my questions and get us set up with what we needed. We're glad to be working with them!

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Eric Bandholz
CEO of Sovrnty

Best app in reviews

Helpful support team

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Wow - just wow! Isn't it wonderful when an app works exactly as you hope, then goes further and blows you away! Absolutely fantastic solution for reviews - plugs into lots of other tools we're using (Mechanic, Flits) and support is ridiculously fast and attentive. Highly, highly recommended!

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Stephen McCarron

Work smoothly and beyond expectation

Various integrations

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Great app. Was struggling to get reviews with Shopify Reviews app. Once I installed this app and send out emails, I got 4 reviews within the first few hours (using a 20% discount code incentive)! I will happily pay the $15/month for the support they give in setting up the app on your store any way you'd like and for all the great features!

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Emmet Costen
Co-Founder / Engineer at Dimide

4 reviews within the first few hours

20% discount code


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