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Connect your Squarespace site to Judge.me to gain social proof by collecting unlimited reviews and displaying them on multiple widgets.

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Boost sales by displaying reviews on your storefront

Install user-friendly widgets to display reviews and Q&A. Add free photos and videos & customize the design to match your store's branding.

In Squarespace, we currently offer the Review Widget and Preview Badge stars on the Free plan and more widgets on the Awesome plan including the Floating Reviews Tab, Questions and Answers, and Facebook Reviews Tab.

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Gain social proof by collecting reviews on autopilot

Schedule unlimited review requests to collect reviews automatically. Customize your email templates with a flexible email editor.

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Streamline your reviews management with dedicated features

Publish your reviews automatically with conditions or curate them from the reviews dashboard. Avoid unwanted reviews with the spam filter, profanity filter, and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) censor.

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Expand your reach by sharing reviews across multiple channels

Push your reviews automatically to social media. Attract more buyers by displaying star ratings on SEO rich snippets and Google Shopping.

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Optimize your workflows with app integrations

Workflow automation

Trigger task completion is another app once a review is submitted in Judge.me.

Email marketing

Create segments and follow-up campaigns by using review data from Judge.me.


Translate your widget text and review content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I display the star ratings and reviews on my Squarespace store?

From Squarespace Extensions, click Connect to Site to install Judge.me extensions. During the onboarding process, you can choose to add the Review Widget and Preview Badge stars. Then, your widgets will be installed at the best positions on your storefront.

How can I change the star color?


You can change the star color in Settings > Review Widget > Widget Color. This setting will change the star colors in all Judge.me widgets. If you want to the Preview Badge stars to have different colors, please change them in Settings > Other Widgets > Preview Badge > Preview Badge settings.

Can I move the widget to another location?


Squarespace gives us the best positions to install your widgets in each storefront template. Your widgets will be installed at the best positions on your storefront. We are unable to place them in other locations.

I have reviews on other platforms. Can I add them to my Squarespace store?


Yes, you can import your existing reviews to Squarespace via a CSV file.

I want my customers to submit a review photo and video. How can I do that?


You can enable the Review Photos and Videos for free in Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Review Photos and Videos.

When will Judge.me send my review request emails?


After you’ve installed our extension, we’ll start sending the review requests automatically (14 days after order fulfillment by default), unless you disabled them. You can customize the timing for sending your review requests in Settings > Review Requests > Timing and Format > Request Timing.

Where can I find all my reviews? Can I see them before publishing?


You can find all your reviews in the Reviews dashboard (judge.me/index). You can choose to publish your reviews automatically or curate them before publishing. To adjust this setting, go to Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation > Review Curation.

How can I add a “verified” badge to my reviews?


Judge.me verifies reviews automatically based on the order history on your Squarespace stores. If the reviews are not associated with existing orders (e.g. coming directly from your website), you can request manual verification by submitting evidence of orders. A verified buyer badge is added after the review is verified by Judge.me. You can translate and customize the verified buyer badge, but cannot add it to the reviews yourselves.

I need to customize a section that is not available in the settings. Can you help me with that?


Our support team can help with basic customizations such as colors, borders, width, and height. Learn how to make a customization request here.

Note: Judge.me is only eligible for Squarespace’s physical products.

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Product reviews with free photos and videos for Squarespace

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